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Middle Ages in the Village: a journey back in time!

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Welcome to the heart of Tuscany, where the hills of the Maremma conceal a medieval jewel: Roccatederighi (Grosseto). Every year this enchanting village is transformed into a journey back in time during the extraordinary Medioevo nel Borgo festival, a unique experience that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the magic of the past.

Walk through the ancient streets and through narrow alleys surrounded by stone houses that hold medieval secrets, you will be transported to a time of nobles, ladies. knights, jugglers and flag wavers, offering you an enchanting experience thanks to authentic historical reenactments, with participants dressed in period clothing, making every corner of the village a fascinating medieval picture.

You will be entertained by breathtaking performances, scenic pageants and street performers who will bring the history and culture of that period to life.

The guides on this journey will be dozens of costumed figures of the period: jesters, jugglers, street performers and tavernkeepers. Old crafts, ancient games and artists of the time will be on display.

Finally, you can delight your palate with culinary delicacies inspired by the Middle Ages, traditional dishes prepared according to period recipes, and ancient drinks.


The program of Medieval Times in the Village (first days of August)

Friday 6 p.m., opening of medieval gates and start of performances in the historic center

Saturday 5 p.m., the historical group presents “The Witch Burning” – Part 1 The Capture followed by falconry show with Gherardo Brami falconarius and performances until late at night. Sunday 5 p.m., the historical group presents “The Witch Burning” – Part 2 The Trial, followed by presentation of the palio and entertainment until late at night. 11:30 pm execution of sentence and grand finale.

Prepare to be catapulted back in time at this great event, where history, culture and entertainment come together to create an extraordinary experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a unique trip to the heart of Tuscany!


02 August 24

04 February 24


18:00 - 21:00

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Vicolo della Torre, Roccatederighi, GR, Italia

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