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With the support of specialized genealogists, we reconstruct, if necessary, your family tree, we identify the places linked to your family history, the home of your ancestors and, if the data permits, we trace relatives resident in Italy.

So we organize a personalized travel experience, which can last one day, and in this case the itinerary will touch the country of origin and the places that recall family memories, or several days, also including a series of activities that will allow you to delve into Italian culture with its traditions.

And of course we will assist you if you want to visit other tourist places during your stay in Italy. If you are in search of your roots and want to experience an exciting trip to Italy along the thread of your history, you are in the right place.

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  • 12 August
    12 August

    "Casentino beyond. Migratory itineraries of yesterday and today" - Boschi Sonori. Guided excursion with musical stops to discover the landscapes of the Holy Valley.

    Unique event

    "Boschi Sonori" offers a unique experience that blends the beauty of the natural landscapes of the Vallesanta with the magic of music and local traditions.

    Corezzo (AR)

  • 03 August
    03 August

    "Casentino beyond. Migratory itineraries of yesterday and today" - A story under the Noce di Sant'Angelo

    Unique event

    In the shadow of the majestic Noce di Sant'Angelo, the ruins of the Abbey of Sant'Angelo, between Quota and Raggiolo, in the heart of the Casentino are transformed into a living stage for an extraordinary narrative.

    Ortignano (AR)

  • 09 August
    09 August

    "Casentino beyond. Migratory itineraries of yesterday and today" - Charcoal burners, pinottolai and transhumant shepherds.

    Unique event

    The event "Charcoal burners, pinottolai and transhumant shepherds: Stories of migrants taken from the Casentino Memory Bank", offers the opportunity to explore the stories of the Casentinesi who have left their homeland to look for work abroad.

    Cetica (AR)

  • Festival Astor Piazzolla “Soy la Raiz”
    01 June
    30 September

    Festival Astor Piazzolla “Soy la Raiz”


    The Astor Piazzolla Festival “Soy la raiz!” celebrates the Argentine tango master and composer with maternal origins from the hamlet of Massa Sassorosso, in the municipality of Villa Collemandina.

    Villa Collemandina (LU)

  • Extemporaneous painting competition in Corfino
    02 August
    04 August

    Extemporaneous painting competition in Corfino


    The National Extemporaneous Painting Competition takes place over three days in the month of August in the hamlet of Corfino and sees the participation of artists from all over the world trying their hand at painting a landscape of their choice from the Garfagnana.


  • Concerto delle Radici a San Pellegrino
    01 August
    01 August

    Concerto delle Radici a San Pellegrino

    Unique event

    The Concerto delle Radici in San Pellegrino in Alpe will be a concert of classical music - with some arias by Giacomo Puccini, a composer of Lucca origins who, in 2024, marks the centenary of his death

    San Pellegrino (LU)


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"Io Scrivo - Le Radici Invisibili": the permanent roots workshop curated by Italea Toscana starts in Florence

The permanent roots workshop curated by Italea Toscana starts in Florence! The permanent writing workshop “Io Scrivo – Le Radici Invisibili”, organized by ETS Tuscan Roots, is a unique and immersive experience that allows participants to explore and document their roots and family stories. Available at the ETS headquarters in Florence, this workshop is accessible […]

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Garfagnana: Roots, Identity and Memory

“Garfagnana: Roots, Identity and Memory” is a program of initiatives carried out by the Union of Municipalities of Garfagnana, through the five municipalities participating in the Ministerial Call for the Year of Italian Roots in the World during the summer and autumn of 2024. Here is a brief description of each event being organized, which […]

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The boom of "roots tourism": those who return to look for their ancestors

Roots tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Italy, with new generations wishing to rediscover the lands from which their ancestors departed. Lucca, in Tuscany, is one of the main destinations for this type of tourism, with the Lucchesi nel Mondo association working to promote the travel experience linked to family roots. Roots tourism offers an […]

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