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Equine exhibition and Bardigiano Horse Show

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The Zeri Bardigiano Horse Show is a three-day project that takes place on the last weekend of August. This event is aimed at the protection and conservation of the “Bardigiano” horse breed. The event takes place in the hamlet of Adelano in the Municipality of Zeri and unites the entire Zerasca population including those who have emigrated, but are still strongly linked to this tradition and to our lands. During the event there will be 2 evenings of dancing with a smooth dance orchestra and performances of “Giga” and “Piva” which are two traditional Zerasca dances performed in typical costumes. During the event, food stands are set up where you can taste typical local dishes: chestnut, local cheeses and ricottas, Zeri lamb cooked in testi, herb pies, potatoes and rice, ravioli, various grilled meat specialities, bomba of rice, ice cream and artisanal yogurt, cured meats. In 2024 the event will reach its thirty-eighth edition even if it has a centenary history as it was originally born as a festival dedicated to agriculture and breeding, in particular for the Zerasca sheep, a sheep breed for which our territory is known throughout the world. world, used for the production of clothing and for the quality of the meat, tender and without any hint of game. For the publicity and media diffusion of the event, posters will be displayed and space will be dedicated to it on the institution’s institutional website. Similar dissemination will be requested from other municipalities in the area as well as local associations. A space will also be dedicated to it on all social channels that will allow its dissemination abroad. There are many emigrant citizens affiliated with our social page. To spread the event abroad, in the latest edition the film/documentary entitled “Bosco” by the Uruguayan director, Alicia Cano Menoni, originally from the place that made Zeri known throughout the world, was reproduced, so much so as to attract various communities, especially Uruguayans, to visit him during this event. This has led to an increase in the flow of tourists in the valley of people already linked to the place from their origins because they are descendants of emigrants from Zeraschi but also of people intrigued by our way of life and our traditions to which the film has given resonance. The municipality of Zeri granted Alicia Cano Menoni honorary citizenship. The event is also known abroad, thanks to the riders who use this breed to carry out international equestrian sports, including Filippo Gozzi. The Bardigiano Horse Committee in collaboration with other associations such as the Proloco, the P.A. Croce Verde, organizes demonstrations and events especially in the summer period (see attachment) in 2023 it twinned with the Comano committee.


23 August 24

25 August 24


16:00 - 21:00

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Zeri, MS, Italia

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