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Arezzo Antiques Fair: discover history through objects

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It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to discover a hidden treasure in a charming city: the Arezzo Antiques Fair is the oldest in the country.

Since 1968 and without any interruption (only Covid managed to stop it momentarily), the event has been held every first Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday, in Piazza Grande and the streets of the historic city center that come alive with more than 500 exhibitors. The Fair entertains its visitors with a wide variety of objects that constitute the historical heritage of our identity, giving enthusiasts and insiders the pleasure of “trouvaille,” or the discovery and search for the rare or curious piece.

This event is a true journey through time, a unique experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Italian art, history and craftsmanship.

What can you find at the Arezzo Antiques Fair?

Hundreds of exhibitors offer thousands of visitors from all over the world their objets d’art, furniture, jewelry and bijoux, watches, antique books and prints, scientific and musical instruments, toys, old-fashioned linens and all kinds of collectibles.

But not only that… for those who are not into antiques, the Fair offers a huge assortment of modern antiques, vintage and quality crafts.

The Arezzo Antiques Fair is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Europe, turning the heart of the city into an open-air museum. Imagine strolling through the cobblestone streets surrounded by a backdrop of historic buildings as you explore the booths, observing the beauty of the objects on display and the craftsmanship of each piece, each object a fragment of history that captures the essence of Italy, from past eras to the present day.

The fair is not only a showcase of antiques, but also an opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Arezzo. The city comes alive with performances by street performers, musicians and delicious smells from local food markets. As you explore the fair, you will have the opportunity to taste authentic Tuscan delicacies and appreciate the warm hospitality of the locals.


06 April 24

07 April 24


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Arezzo, AR, Italia

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