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Anno Domini 1100

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We invite you to take a fascinating journey through time through the evocative festival “Anno Domini 1100” held in the town of Regnano, Lunigiana, dedicated to its own history and that of the entire valley.

This unique celebration is an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in medieval history, including historic pageants, craft markets and enchanted atmosphere. During the two days, Saturday (4 to 11 p.m.) and Sunday (10 a.m. to 11 p.m.), medieval encampments and ancient crafts can be visited in Regnano Castle as well as watching performances of sword fighting. Unmissable is the investiture of a knight as well as the “testimony” of a pilgrim departing on the way of the Holy Face. The reading of the will will be another not-to-be-missed moment, all topped off with flag games, musicians and historical dances.

Imagine stepping through the gates of the village of Regnano and suddenly finding yourself catapulted into the year 1100, with the cobblestone streets reviving the authentic atmosphere of a distant past. Carefully reproduced costumes, artisans working according to medieval traditions, and historical representations will make you feel an integral part of a fascinating era.

Anno Domini 1100 in Lunigiana

This is not just an event, but an opportunity to experience immersion in history, enriching your understanding of Italian culture and offering unforgettable memories.

And that is why we invite you to join us for this extraordinary celebration, where the past comes alive and where every corner tells stories of a bygone era!


06 July 24

07 July 24


16:00 - 23:00

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Regnano-castello, Casola in Lunigiana MS, Italia

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