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The Invisible Roots: Roots Writing Workshop

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Luogo:Firenze (FI)


The experience

The permanent writing workshop “Io Scrivo – Le Radici Invisibili” organized by ETS Tuscan Roots is a unique and immersive experience that allows participants to explore and document their roots and family stories. Available at the ETS headquarters in Florence, this workshop is accessible by reservation and offers an ongoing opportunity for cultural and personal connection.

The workshop aims to create a narrative thread that unites people, emigrations and memories, allowing participants to explore their family stories and Tuscan cultural heritage through writing.

Structure of the Laboratory

Introduction and Reception:

Participants are welcomed in a welcoming and stimulating environment, with a brief introduction to the history of Tuscan emigration and the importance of cultural roots. The theme of the workshop and the final objectives are presented.

Exploring Personal Roots:

A guided session in which participants are encouraged to reflect on their roots and collect memories, family stories, documents and photographs. Tools and tips will be provided to get you started with the writing process.

Creative Writing Techniques:

Hands-on workshops on creative writing techniques, with exercises aimed at stimulating memory and creativity. Participants will learn how to structure their stories, create vivid characters, and convey authentic emotions through words.

Writing and Sharing:

Space dedicated to individual writing, where participants can start composing their texts. Afterwards, a sharing session is held where everyone can read their work and receive constructive feedback from the group and facilitators.

Creation of the Narrative Fil Rouge:

A moment of collective reflection to identify the common themes and narrative threads that unite the different stories. This phase allows us to create a mosaic of stories that represent the invisible roots of the Tuscan community and their diffusion in the world.

Conclusion and Publication:

The workshop concludes with a session of revision and finalization of the texts. Participants have the opportunity to see their works published in a collective collection, thus creating a living archive of Tuscan stories and roots.


The workshop is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, by reservation. Sessions are flexible to adapt to participants’ needs, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience.

“Io Scrivo – Le Radici Invisibili” is not just a writing workshop, but an emotional and cultural journey that allows you to rediscover and enhance your origins, creating deep links between past, present and future through the magic of words.

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3 hours

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Via Nazionale, 57, Firenze, FI, Italia

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