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Taste of Tuscany: traditional cooking class in Lucca

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Luogo:Lucca (LU)

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Lucca, nestled between medieval walls and the Tuscan hills, is ready to share the secrets of its traditional cuisine with a cooking class for those eager to immerse themselves in the culinary richness of the region and rediscover their roots through taste.

A unique workshop focuses on the culinary wisdoms of local “grandmothers,” true keepers of tradition, who will pass on to techniques and recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Tuscan cuisine is renowned for its simplicity and authenticity. From the intense flavors of olive oil to the delicate nuances of herbs, each dish tells a story of tradition and passion.

The workshop aims to teach, not only the iconic recipes of this area, but also the art of cooking from the heart.

The meetings will be conducted informally and intimately, like an invitation into a grandmother’s home kitchen, and the lesson will be a journey through family stories, traditions, and the secrets that make each dish unique. From appetizers to desserts, every step will be an immersion in the flavors and stories that make Tuscan cuisine a complete experience.

The course will obviously not end with the preparation of the dishes, but will culminate in a time of sharing at the table. Participants will have the opportunity to taste the fruits of their labor, sharing stories and smiles, and the table will become the place where the connection between generations, life stories and passion for food come together.

Taste of Tuscany: traditional cooking class in Lucca

This experience represents a culinary bridge between the present and the past.

You will have an extraordinary opportunity to learn not only culinary techniques, but also the wisdom that only the expert hands of grandmothers can pass on.

It is more than a cooking class, it is an intimate and enveloping experience that connects hearts, minds and palates through the magic of Tuscan flavors treasured by the grandmothers of Lucca.

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Lucca, LU, Italia

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