Museum of Italian Emigration in Lucca

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The Museum of Italian Emigration is located in Lucca in the spaces of the church of Santa Maria della Rotonda. It tells the story of the phenomenon of emigration of Italians between the mid-nineteenth century and the 60s of the twentieth century, thanks to the material collected by the Paolo Cresci Foundation.

The museum’s itinerary is based on the stages faced by migrants during the relocation experience, from departure to arrival, up to new work and the creation of communities. The story is made possible by documents, photographs, letters and diaries of the time. Along with these, there are also means to be enjoyed in an interactive way such as historical films, films and video interviews.

Much attention is paid to bringing out, in addition to the historical aspect, social and psychological issues, with food for thought on current events.

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Palazzo Ducale, Cortile Carrara, Lucca, LU, Italia

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