Historical craft workshop at the Calcinaia Museum of Ceramics

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If you want to reconnect with your family’s roots and immerse yourself in Italy’s rich history and culture, we suggest a visit to the Museum of Ceramics in Calcinaia, which is part of the museums of traditional craftsmanship and farming in the province of Pisa. In this very area, so typical of Tuscany, you will find unique activities and special workshops that will take you on a journey into the past, understanding the cultural roots and craft heritage of the region.

The Calcinaia Museum of Ceramics is a journey into the fascinating world of clay and pottery making. Here you can admire unique pieces, from traditional Tuscan ceramics to modern works by local artists. Through interactive exhibits and live demonstrations, you will have the opportunity to be taken on an exciting journey into this age-old art.

Historical craft workshop at the Calcinaia Museum of Ceramics

With our proposed workshop you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the ancient artistic work that has been carried on for centuries by the people of this area. The workshop will introduce you to historical craft techniques, and you can try your hand at manipulating pottery firsthand until you make your own creation.

The experience at the Calcinaia Ceramics Museumwill allow you to rediscover your roots, remembering the craft trades that made Tuscany famous and characterized the rural era. Through the workshop you can connect firsthand with the history, art and life of your ancestors, creating indelible memories in the heart of magnificent Tuscany.

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