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Between words and roots: Tuscan dialect workshop in Florence

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Luogo:Firenze (FI)

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Florence, the cradle of Italian culture and a place steeped in history and tradition, now becomes the stage for a special workshop dedicated to those who wish to immerse themselves in Tuscan dialect.

The workshop aims to preserve and share the linguistic roots of Tuscany. Through lectures and hands-on activities, you will have the opportunity to explore the dialect in all its nuances, learning everyday expressions, idioms and proverbs that characterize the language spoken in the region.

Teachers will lead participants in immersive lessons that go beyond grammar rules. The melody of dialect will be taught through traditional songs and stories, bringing the words to life and enabling the authentic experience of the language.

Learn local words with Tuscan dialect workshop!

The workshop will not be limited to classrooms, but will invite you to explore Florence through dialect. Through tours of historic sites, interactions with locals and participation in cultural events, participants will have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice, making connections between the language and their surroundings.

The Tuscan dialect workshop in Florence is more than just a language class; it is an exciting journey through cultural roots. By combining the melody of dialect with the history of Florence, this experience creates a special bond between participants and the rich linguistic tradition of Tuscany. In an environment steeped in art and history, the words of dialect become a conduit that connects generations, creating a lasting link between past and present.

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Firenze, FI, Italia

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